Sunday, 13 March 2016

Functioning of consumer courts

7National Commission(consumer court) New Delhi is working like Civil Court. Black Coat ( Advocate ) dominating consumers and Commission is giving hearing dates after 9 to 12 months and preferring Advocates more. As per Consumer Protection Act 1986 and amendments thereafter once case is registered within 90 days judgments to be delivered. But practically cases are pending since 10 to 14 years.
It is shocking to note here that once you register the case, you will get call from Delhi and the person will tell that there are certain shortfalls in your case and I will correct it. You have to pay some money for that and the demand will be between 20000 to 50000. If Registrar or his subordinates are giving this information to third person or if they themselves doing calls.  Lot of currupt practices are going on. This is very serious and Consumer Afair Minister must look into this matter. I have informed this to one of judge last year but he told me that he is not able to correct this as employees are not directly controlled by him.
Every consumer has to prepare case as per supreme court or high court guidelines otherwise your case will be dismissed stating defects. As per CPA 1986 consumers have to make complaint on a plain paper and in simple language but here in National Commission they are asking consumers to make complaint as per their own style so that consumer will be fed up and will appoint advocate for the case.  And surprisingly any advocate practising at National Commission ask minimum 350000 as fees and maximum there is no limit.

For a common man it is difficult to file the case in National Consumer Commission. If This People Centric Govt will look into this matter?.

The State and District Consumer Courts are facing more problems as they are financed by state govt. and  judges are getting less honorarium than any peon. No proper place for courts and Commission. Payment of staff is not disbursed in two to three months then how they will work effectively and there efficiency goes down.

If this Govt. wants to bring transparency and correct the system then they must provide speedy justice in all sectors including consumers and criminal.  Otherwise by changing rules and making new rules it is not possible to make 'Swacha Bharat.'

To clean the corruption only remedy is make judiciary system fast and implementation of law and order effectively.

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