Saturday, 12 March 2016

Cheating by AG Construction

I got e mail of complaint and it's shocking thing. AG Builder has taken booking amount and further his staff made fraud as per his statement. Total 2.3 crore rupees  amount collected and now he is not refunding any amount. Police are not registering FIR

Complaint is reproduced for your information


Mr. Vijay Sagar,

Aakhil Bharteey Grahak Panchayat,

Pune, Maharashtra,

Subject: Case of cheating and fraud done by AG Constructions (of amount 2.3 Cr) along with his representatives against around 15 families by selling already sold flats in Gracia Apartments, Kharadi, Pune 411014

Respected Sir,


Need your attention regarding a case of cheating and fraud done by A.G Constructions (Pune) in one of their residential projects Gracia at Kharadi, Pune .


We are a group of around 15 families who have been frauded by Partners of AG Constructions, Abhijit Subash Gaikwad(Mob No: 9822475765) and Ajit Subash Gaikwad, along with their representatives by selling already sold property in Gracia project constructed and developed by AG Constructions. All the victim families had booked flats in Gracia project, individually, by paying amounts ranging from Rs 10 Lakhs  to Rs 40 Lakhs. The payments done by each individual were all done by mode of cheques against “AG Constructions”. All interactions including initial meetings, negotiations and handing over of cheques were done at the sales office of AG Constructions situated  at Gracia site with  representative of the builder, Abhijit Subhash Gaikwad, whose name was told to be Bhushan Saraf (Mob no: 9822224444). Against the cheques, we were given receipts by Bhushan Saraf, of the total booking amount, at the Gracia site. We were also given the quotation and floor plan of the individual flats booked by, on builder's letter head. All the bookings were made between the month of  September 2015 and December 2015 and all  the victims were promisedagreement and registration of the flat in the  month of January 2016.


All victims individually visited the Gracia site multiple times. Throughout our visits there, we could see Bhushan Saraf as the person incharge who was looking over all the sales and development activities at the Gracia site and dealing with all the customers coming over. For customers, Bhushan Saraf was the point of contact. Bhushan’s phone number was switched off since 6thof January 2015 due to which we all visited the sales office individually multiple times between 7th January and 13th January 2016. During these visits , we were attended by another representative of Abhijit Gaikwad, Umesh Gaikwad(mob no: 8976602812). He assured that Bhushan was on leave due to personal reasons and things were under control, all this while they were hiding Bhushan Saraf’s whereabouts.


On 14th Jan 2016, when we visited the Gracia site, representatives of AG Constructions, Ashish Ingulkar (Mob No: 9970569999) along with Umesh Gaikwad declared that booking  done by their representative Bhushan Saraf was fraud, and Bhushan Saraf was absconding with our booking amounts.  They, refused to accept Bhushan Saraf as their employee (representative of AG Constructions) and forced us to leave the Gracia premises.


We all assembled at the Chandan Nagar Police Station to file the FIR against AG Constructions. The police did not take the complain on 14th-Jan and advised us to meet the builder and then take further course of action.


When we met the builder on 14th Jan, the builder (Mr. Abhijit Gaikwad) denied the fact that any booking was made in our names. Abhijit Gaikwad refused to take the responsibility of a crime which was comitted by his employee in one of his office premises, Gracia site. He even intimidated us by challenging us to file an FIR against him. Bouncers were with the builder to threaten us and our security is at stake.


We were told by the police on 14th Jan 2016 that the builder has already registered an FIR on 13th Jan against his representative. In his FIR, Abhijit Gaikwad has falsely stated that he had contracted Atul Ankush Ingulkar, who sub contracted Bhushan Saraf for sale of flats in Gracia.


On 15th Jan, we met the SI, of Chandan Nagar, Karadi police station again and he said that he cannot register an FIR in this case against partners of AG Constructions. He asked us to  submit our grievances in writing, which we have done and also taken acknowledgement of the same.


We have been cheated, defrauded and extorted of booking amounts by :


Ms AG Constructions through Partners,


Mr. Abhijit Subhash Gaikwad


Mr. Ajit Subhash Gaikwad


Mr. Vijay Dagdu Tupe


Mr. Vishal Vijay Tupe


Along with Bhushan Saraf, Umesh Gaikwad, Atul Ankush Ingulkar, Ashish Ingulkar


In this entire scam, we have been harassed financially, physically and mentally and hence would request you to take our complaint, direct the requisite legal enquiry into the matter and take serious actions against the guilty parties. We also request you to help us in getting our booking amounts refunded, as we have put in all our hard earned money into this which jeopardises our and our children’s future.


We had already taken legal recourse and have full faith on judiciary system. However, it seems the judiciary is over burdened and therefore sometime delay justice has no meaning the practical life of people.


We hope that through you, we are able to get justice as we have full faith in the Government and hope that it will stand by us and support us in our thick & thin.


We expect that through this, a lesson be taught to the entire real estate community so that they refrain from committing such a crime against the normal middle class people of the country.


We request you to intervene and direct the police system to act expeditiously in unearthing the frauds who were involved in such mass embezzlement shaking the entire city of Pune.


Sir, we all victims belong to Middle Class families and to us our fortune is taken away by AG Constructions. For paying 20% of the total amount (i.e. booking amount); We took and arranged money by taking personal loans at higher rate of interest and from immediate family members. It is very hard for all of us to forgot about the promises made in terms of getting our home. We all Appreciate your assistance and looking deliberately for a solution to get either the promised flat or our hard earned money.

P.S. : Details attached of all Victims along with their signature.

With High Regards,
All Victim family