Friday, 5 August 2016

Measure area of flat builder

Have you measured your flat?

We all Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat activist always ask visiting  consumers to measure your flat carpet area

Sushant Dhumak booked flat  in a project of one builder from Pune

He found that area of flat is not as per agreement hence measured himself and found less area. Hence he made complaint against builder for deficiency in carpet area to Legal metrology department ( वजन माप विभाग ) After inspecting the flat when they found the carpet area less by almost 45 Sq.ft. They filed a panchnama and sealed the flat in presence of Lushlife Sales VP and Technical manager and other members.After 6 month, as per their laws when the builder refused to compound the case, the State filed a case against the builder in the Cantonment Court, M.G Road Pune.

In Nashik also builders are giving Less area than agreement. One of the flat purchaser made complaint to Consumer Forum about it and forum ordered to pay Compensation. Nashik corporation also issued notice to builder for less area. In corporations sanctioned plan Area is less and in agreement and brochers area is more this way builders and architects cheating Consumers as well as Govt. 

Hence We अखिल भारतीय ग्राहक पंचायत Request all flat purchasers to measure area of your flat even possession of flat has been taken few years back then also we can make complaint to Legal Metrology department and also we can file FIR against builder for giving less area. 

Measuring Carpet Area of Flat is very simple. Measure internal dimensions of every room including WC And bathroom and make addition and compare with agreement and brocher.  Also check sanction plan of corporation. 

We also appeal Pune Municipal Corporation, Pimpri Chichwad Municipal Corporation and Pune Metropolitan Regional Corporation to take action as per Commissioner of Nashik Municipal Corporation And protect consumers from such builders.

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  1. LMD, Pune are now refusing to measure flat Carpet Area saying that they do not have such rights. What should be the next step then?