Thursday, 2 June 2016

Compulsory education in Govt schools

Appeal to PM and all CMs of all States

Sub : Compulsion of Education in Govt. Schools

Respected Sir,

Please make compulsory to all employees of Central Government, State Govt, Zilla Parishad, Tahsil,  Grampanchayat, Public Sector Units including banks and also every elected  representatives of people like MP, MLA, Corporater to admit their children in Govt Schools only. ( at least upto 12th standard)

Every school must teach compulsory State Language, Sanskrit upto 5th standard and there after Hindi and English in addition to Local State Language and Sanskrit. Also Physical Training and Yoga.

Compulsary teaching of Information Technology / Computer after 5th class. 

No private classes should be allowed upto 12th standard

Compulsory travel of student from home to school and back by Govt transport only.

Because of this India will be benefited as under:

1. All MPs, MLAs, Corporaters, Collectors, Directors, Secretaries and other employees will improve the quality of education, will ensure that environment of school will be improved, will ensure that basic facilities like drinking water, toilets, fans and benches will be availble in the schools. Every School will get proper building.

2. Every student will get books, dresses, shoes, notebooks in time before start of academic year.

3. Every school will get laboratory, library and play ground.

4. Equality will be there among all students.

5. Every MP, MLA, Corporater and employees will look after schools.

6. Our all mothertounge languages will  remain alive

7.  Children will read culture/history and Stories  of state and India. 

8. Teachers and employees of school will improve their skills and will teach them properly

9. Govt transport will be improved and overloading of students autos and school buses will be stopped.

10. Teachers and support staff will get good salary

11. because of IT and Computer education transforming india into digital India will be easy.

12. Because of grounds in schools india will get good sportsmans. Because of PT and Yoga Students will become healthy. Less spending on medicines.

13. No need to pay heavy donations to private schools

14. All political party leaders will close their education shops and will concentrate on their own children's education.

15. Number of requirement of teachers will increase and hence will increase employment.

Hence I request our PM and All Chief Ministers of every state to make above rules/act in every state and educate every child. Education is right of every children.

Vijay  Sagar

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